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Overview of Fees

PsychHealth Consultancy Fees vary based on the length of the consultation and the type of service.

Individual client based Fees

There may be minimal or no gap fees for MVA and Workers compensation clients, as accounts are sent directly to insurance companies.

APS recommended fees fees are charged for individuals who are referred through their GP or self-referred and there are discounts offered for those who pay at the time of the visit. A gap fee is standard for private clients after claiming the Medicare or ancillary health cover rebate.

Fees for individual psychological counselling sessions are based on 50 minute time slots. They can be carried out in person at PsychHealth Consultancy rooms or elsewhere, and may either be by telephone or Skype.

Fees for Psychological Services to Individuals

  • Consultations for private psychology consultations are charged in 50 minute time slots. They are based on the APS recommended rate at the time. Medicare and private ancillary health funds will often provide generous rebates.

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Building a Private Practice

Private practice services for mental health professionals building or expanding a private practice will be charged depending on the type of service that is provided.

Private practice consultations for private practice support are charged in 50 minute time slots. They may relate to any areas of private practice development or expansion.

Workshops and information sessions are normally charged on a per person basis. Factors that affect the cost involve the length of the workshop, the number of people anticipated and the amount of travel required to deliver the workshop.

Other private practice services such as health consultancy business plans, travel to a person's private practice, assessments and reports are charged depending on the time taken and the complexity of the service.

Healthy Practice retails at $15.00 inclusive of postage.

Fees for Private Practice Services

  • Fees for private practice consultations are based on 50 minute time slots.
  • Fees are charged per person for workshops and information sessions.
  • Workshops provided for a specific organisation may be at an agreed flat rate.
  • Services such as health consultancy business plans, assessments, reports and other services are charged based on the complexity of the service.

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